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"Ensure your home is safe by requesting a Sound the Alarm installation at your home. Red Cross volunteers will contact you to schedule an appointment to install free smoke alarms in your home and provide vital prevention and safety education. All American Red Cross services are free and available to all regardless of race, religious beliefs, nationality, or citizenship status."

What Causes Chirping

This is the information page. If you press on the "click" buttons down below, they will take you to other websites on more information for how to change your batteries, why your smoke detector is beeping, fire safety tips, etc.

Tips from CSFD 



Home Inspections in at-risk neighborhoods

MySafe:LA conducts community canvassing operations on a nearly weekly basis. Our public safety teams go door-to-door, talking with residents, and when permitted inside, inspecting homes for fire hazards. We also install FREE smoke alarms and CO detectors wherever needed.

Smoke alarms are essential for home fire safety. It’s also the law that all homes in California  have 10-year, sealed smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms give an early warning in the event of a fire, and give you and your family a chance to get out of the house safely. Once outside, your family should gather at a pre-designated “safe meeting spot.” 

Only working smoke alarms save lives. Here’s what to do to keep smoke alarms in working order:


  • Test your alarm every month by pressing the test button and listening for the beep

  • Keep your alarm dust free – clean it at least once a year

  • Never paint over a smoke alarm or cover it with anything

  • Replace smoke alarms every 10 years


IMPORTANT: Every family should create a family escape plan and should practice evacuating in the event of a fire. Do this at least twice a year – once during the day, and once at night. REMEMBER: Young children may sleep through a smoke alarm’s tones, so at night, if an alarm goes off, check on your kids before exiting the house.

Sounds of Safety

Fire Safety Week

Fire Safety

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