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Fix the Beep is a non-profit organization founded by two Los Angeles high-schoolers with the goal of helping kids become aware of the fire-safety risks in their home caused by faulty smoke alarms. We work with schools and other organizations to bring awareness to these issues, and provide families with supplies and instructions to help them remedy their smoke alarm issues.  Please help us any way you can by going to the ABOUT US page!


Fires progress because of broken smoke alarms


Home fire deaths were caused by fires in properties with no smoke alarms


Of smoke alarms failed to operate during fires


Lower chance of death in a fire with a smoke alarm

A Sense of Home

We are also working with "A Sense of Home."A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes for youth aging out of foster care with donated furniture and home goods. 50% of those struggling with homelessness are former foster youth. Fix the Beep is working with them so we can provide our fire-safety kits to all of the young-adults who may need help getting adjusted with key things: like smoke alarms.

Fix the Beep School Education and Awareness Program

 Work with student representatives to spread awareness to peers and the school community on how to maintain smoke alarms and support fire safety. Fix the Beep will provide a learning demonstration kit and a playbook on how to roll it out in each school. We also provide informational pamphlets in Spanish and English for ongoing use, and the full support of the Fix the Beep team. Remember October is Fire Safety month! Click the link to support or start a Fix the Beep School Education and Awareness program in your school! 

Fire Hoses


What can you do? You can spread the word about us and the problems we are trying to avoid. Another option, is dontating whatever you can. For more information, click below.

Get to Know Us

There's still a lot to learn about us. If you're interested, go to the "About Us" page.

Fire Station
Contact Us

Contact Us

Do you have any questions? Want to find a way to help? Contact us! Just click the "Let's Chat!" button and put your question/comment below, and we will get back to you!

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